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Homecoming  - Cecilia Robert

¸.· ´¸.·*´¨) ¸.·*¨)
(¸.·´ (¸¸.·2,5 Stars

What I liked:

The secret:

Yeah.. I didn't guess that this was here reason to leave. It was great that it wasn't obvious.

The Past:

After coming face to face with her secret we get to know a lit bit more about what happened back then.
I loved that we get to know how things were for S. I was sad about how things played out for her but I don't think this was enough of a reason for her to leave her life behind. Still I get why she left.




The world:

Great! It's a mix of science fiction, steampunk and Pnr. We don't get to know too much about this world but I can say that this one is quite refreshing. (humans can control the elements and there are shape-shifted!)

What I didn't like:

pace if the story:

The beginning was really slow and than boom! End -.-
It was too slow in thwarting beginning and the ending was too rushed.


focus on lust:


the books:

The series is named after these book (Cloaked Devices) and Sera does collect them but we get next to none information about them. It would have been nice to now what this series is really about and why those books are so rare and dangerous.

Sera's new life:

We know that she is a fighter and owns a bookshop and that's it. I don't know how it is possible for her to leave the city where she has been living for 5 years. Just like this. :/

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Mixed feelings...

The Angel (The Original Sinners) - Tiffany Reisz

*´¨)¸.· ´¸.·*´¨) ¸.·*¨)
(¸.·´ (¸¸.·3,5 Stars

This book has one of the kinkiest scene in it and let's just say one of them was ehm.. a little disturbing:


Sometimes there were parts I hated/ found boring/ didn‘t care about and parts that where really good/ compelling/ that I didn't want to stop reading about. Needless to say I have mixed feelings about it =D

Pls don't read this if you haven't read this book ;)

What I liked:


First a relationship between them seemed unlikely because of there differences:
Griffin the rich playboy and poor shy Michael.

Once upon a time there lived an unhappy young boy. Unhappy he was, for his mother ignored him, and his father didn't like him one little bit. All the nice things, kind thoughts and loving touches were not for him. Michael used to spend a long time watching the cat(aka Nora) but little time talking to her for Michael was very shy. On time the cat said,

"Miaow", which really meant, "Cheer up! You have something neither of your parents can take away and that is beauty and your kink."

Suddenly something amazing happened. In the church, where Michael was sitting, there was a burst of light and a fairy (aka Soren) appeared.

"Don't be alarmed, Michael," said Soren. "The wind blew me your sighs. I know you would love to spent the summer with Nora and Prince charming (aka Griffin). And so you shall!"

When Michael arrived at his destination the prince set eyes on Michael and was struck by his beauty. Just after some time both were truly in love with each other and couldn't deny their feelings anymore. but Griffin was cursed by the big bad wizard so he was not able to be very, very near his heart Micheal.

So to prove his love he challenged the big bad wizard Soren (who is also kind of the fairy) and... WON! After returning both had hot kinky sex ehm.. were really happy. Still there lay a shadow upon their happiness.

"I am scared of facing my parents," Micheal confessed.
"Don't you worry, I'll be there with you," Prince Horny answered.

And so they went to meet Michaels parents.
Surprise! Michaels father was unhappy with them. Griffin who couldn't bear to see his love unhappy made him go away for he had the money power. As soon as his father disappeared Michaels mothers curse was lifted and she could love her son again,

So Michael joyfully went with Griffin, and lived happily ever after with his Prince.
And as for the cat, she just said "Miaow"!

God, I should stop writing fairy tales. XD

So the point of this little story (yes there is a point) is that I think both (Griffin and Michael) are really cute together and their story has something kinky-magical (if there even is something like this) to it.

I loved them together but their story seemed a little bit too much of a fairytale....


It was nice to know more about shy Michael (I hate his part in the first book -.-). we got to watching him grow and understand that he doesn't have to feel ashamed of who he is or what he feels.

It's sad how his parents don't want to support him and abandon him :(

Horny-Griffin (in a kilt!!!):D

Griffin is my favorite character in this book.

“You know, it's a good thing I'll never have to get a real job. I'm a sexual-harassment lawsuit waiting to happen.”

I didn't like him that much in The Siren but here he was awesome! Gorgeous, funny and caring^^

Griffins Butler:

I want a sarcastic butler like him who I can call Alfred xD

"Thank you, Alfred," Griffin said, taking the supplies. "There's a thousand dollars in the cookie jar. Go buy yourself something pretty."

"I will purchase a firearm and shoot you with it," Griffin's butler said, bowing elegantly. "Master Griffin."


Every time I read about him I had to smile :)


Now he is someone about who I'm not really sure about. But I'm starting to like him more and more ;)
His “Tell me, have you ever had sex in the back of a Rolls Royce?" questions were just hilarious!!

I really want to know more about him and what his story with Soren is ;)

Wes... i ♥ him

“No, she and I never had sex. That’s true. But we had love, real love that didn’t take anything out of us, that didn’t bruise us or break us. I loved her without hurting her.
You asked me if I, a virgin, could teach her what sex should be? No, course not. Hell no. But at least I can teach her what love should be like. And she knows it too.”


He loves her so much and I really don't think she deserves him... I wanted to read more about him but the main focus was on..... not on him.

What a shame that he doesn't play such a big role in this book :(

What I didn't like: let the rant begin =D

Physical appearance:

There were just too many beautiful people. Everyone that is mentioned in this book is good-looking handsome gorgeous lovely stunning pretty etc..

That's just unreal! I would have really liked to have some normal looking people in it^^


I don't like... at all and I don't get why so many people are crazy about him.
One of the main reasons why I didn't love this book is that


1) Soren was sexually abused when he was younger and because of his tragic past idk, should I like him better? It is sad what happened to him but I still don't like him. And I every time I read about how wonderful and great he is...arrgh! It seemed that his past was just used to make him more likable


It felt like being forced to like him :/

But thing that really bothered me about his abusive childhood was that it was portrait as the reason for him to be a sadist.....

How often have I read about heroes with a bad childhood/past? ( Christian Grey? Gideon Cross?) Is that always really necessary?

2) How is Soren able to hid his double life?

I really would like to know that. As a priest he is quite popular and I think if he would be sneaking away for a some time someone should have noticed. It's not like he goes away once a year so that he can easily hid this other life.

There should have been some suspicious people. Where are those old ladies that love to gossip????

3) Moral aspect:

Soren has taken a vows of celibacy. It's another thing that he doesn't keep this vow.
My problem here is that we never get to know what Sorens standpoint is about that.

Story: where is the main focus?

There are so many stories rolled into one so that it's hard to say which one is more important: Griffin/Michael, Nora/Soren, Nora/Wes, Soren/Suzanne,...???

I liked Michael and Griffin in this book but idk if they are even important for the whole story. (Just like Zach)

Elizabeth's meeting with Suzanna:

That was just... unreal.


Imagine one night a reporter comes to your house and wants to ask you some questions. So would you admit to raping your brother and murdering your father?? To a Stranger!!

And she raped her brother because she was raped by her father so that maybe her brother would kill her, Where is the logic???

If you experience something bad would you really want to do those things to others? It's a little unbelievable -.-

Griffin buying Michael from his father:

Really does that make him go away? That's a little too easy. Maybe he shut Michaels father up for some time but he will come back for more money. I don't think he will leave them alone. More than ever now that he knows he can get more money out of it.


”She didn’t know why she ran. She didn’t know who or what waited for her in the White Room.
She only knew she had to get there as fast as she could and whoever it was, he was worth
running to.”

Worth running to but not staying with... just don't hurt Wes!



I actually still like Nora but I can see why some don't. The thing I don't like about her is that we know so little about her :/

In this book we got to know who her mother is (and she doesn't approve of her relationship with Soren) but not really much more.

♪But mama, I'm in love with my priest
And this type of love isn't rational, it's physical
Mama, please don't cry, I will be alright
All reason aside, I just can't deny, love the guy.♪

hahaha while reading I heard this song and this was perfect xD

To sum it up:















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Omg! I want this!!!!!!

World After  - Susan Ee

World After (Penryn & the End of Days, #2)World After by Susan Ee


There is a Titel!!!!!! *happy-dance*


And a ... date? WTF, November??

First it was early 2013, then October and now November!



I need this book so bad....




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Breaking the Storm (Credence Curse) - One Wish Publishing


¸.· ´¸.·*´¨) ¸.·*¨)
(¸.·´ (¸¸.·3 Stars

May contain spoilers ;-)

What I liked:

The world-building:
It was pretty much like any other urban fantasy world with witches, shape shifter, vampires etc.
What I thought was interesting was the Other council

The Mothers:
I actually really liked their mothers. They seem pretty irresponsible but somehow I still like them :D

I found her more interesting than Stormy because of her ability to feel other peoples emotions. Also she was not just Storms cousin but also her best friend and together they were a little crazy. (the cute kind of crazy)

The wolf-shifters:
I really want to know more about them especially about the war that is (about to?) taking place. But I think this might be more relevant in the next book.

What I didn't like:

The names...
It was hard enough to get used to the names Stormy and Lightening but did their lawyer really need to be called Reason??

The Past:
Here I mean the one centuries ago. I didn't like the writing style for this part. The dialogs were bad! No one talked like we do now in the past.

The D/s theme:
I don't know why this was necessary. I have read enough books with this theme to know that this wasn't really one. Expect for telling Storm where to go and what to wear, there wasn't much of a D/s relationship between them. So it would have been better if this wasn't part of the book.

Omg, I wanted to slap her. How can someone be so stupid?!! I get that she didn't want to know about the Others but... really? She didn't know that Knox was a Shape-shifter nor that he was related to Ryker. There were soooo many clues about all that and she just didn't want to see that.
She was portrait as a intelligent girl but didn't behave like one. That Luke thing is proof enough!

Mixed feelings:

The Prologue:
This was a really strong start. We got to know a little bit about what happened centuries ago to Solistar the ancestor of the main characters. I really wanted to know what happened and to her and what roll this played in the actual story.
In the first chapter I could see similarities between the Past and the Present:
Stormy=Solistar; Knox=Tiber; Lightening=Chance; Kaydee=Bianca; Luke=forgot-his-name-guy

But as Storm's story begins there is no mention of Solistar because she doesn't want to have to do anything with the non-human part of her. So when Storm decides to learn something about her family curse it seems like this came out of nowhere. And then Tiber appears in her dream...idk if this was just me but it didn't feel right to me. There was just so little information about what happened in the past so that I didn't feel the actual connection between Knox-Stormy and Solistar-Tiber.

It was a lot like other Urban Fantasy worlds. Still I found it interesting because of the Other Council and especially the Credence Family.
But I have to say I'm disappointed with how much we learned about this world. We got next to none information on it -.-

The Curse:

”All of us are destined to be buried alive in a sea of loneliness and life devoid of love.”

Translation: Every man the Credence women fall in love with will die soon after.

So, I liked this part(muhahaha) but this aspect of the book was shoved into the background.
And I have a hard time believing that nobody ever suspected that there wasn't a curse at all -.-


To sum it up: I thought this book had a lot of potential but it was just too short. There were many questions that were left unanswered which was tiring after a while.

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Not for me...

Rock Chick  - Kristen Ashley

¸.· ´¸.·*´¨) ¸.·*¨)
(¸.·´ (¸¸.·1 Stars

DNF after 45%

This book has 14,189 ratings and the average rating is 4.26 Stars on GR! 4.26!!!! 

I don’t get it?? Am I weird for not liking it? Because I don’t think there was much to like. And I really tried :/
But maybe it’s just one of the books everyone loves but me =[


What I liked: 

► There were some funny parts^^ 

Sadly that’s also the only good point I have :/




What I didn't like: This is going to be longer o.o

►Annoying characters: Was there any sane person in this book?? 




God, that girl needs a realty check, TSTL!! 
The bad guys are after her. Does she care about the danger? No. Does she care about putting her friend in its way? No. -.-




Not to mention her “brilliant investigation skills”*insert sarcasm*. Which consider of driving somewhere and waiting for something to happen. She should have left this part to Lee or the police :/



But the thing about Indy that totally got on my nerves was her childish behavior. Indy is 30 and doesn't act like it. More like 13. So being stuck in here head was not a pleasant experience :D



 ►2) Ally: 

Most times I thought she was Indy Nr.2.

Crazy Indy + Crazy Ally=



It might have been nice if Ally would be less like Indy. Honestly I don’t know how those two were able to keep out of trouble for so long...


3) Lee: 

The only character I actually liked at the beginning. He reminds me a lot of Hawke from Mystery Man. 
The annoying thing about him was that we don’t know much about him. Yeah, he is a badass private investigator but if somebody asks about how he did something the answer is always: “He has his ways.”. I think this was meant to make him appear more mysterious but it actually just annoyed me. 





4) The Villain/Coxy:




What the hell is wrong with this guy??? Seriously needs to work on his image!*eye-rolling*

And one of his his mean “minion” was called Teddy.... way to kill the bad guy image XD

5) Rosie: First of all horrible name :D 

I like coffee. But is this reason enough for someone to go around and risk your life? Well, maybe yes. 





But it’s not about the coffee.(and all those coffee-god references started to get on my nerves) It’s about a guy that makes good coffee and which Indy doesn’t even really know.
I don’t know if he’s an important character or not. But he seems more like the explanation for the How-did-Indy-get-into-this-shit-question. 


It dragged and dragged and dragged... I didn’t have any interest in the story. 







So to sum it up: I didn’t care about the story nor did I like the characters. There are more things I didn't like but I think that's enough to explain why this book wasn't for me.


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2 Stars:
It was alright, sometimes it got boring but still managed to hold my intrest

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I liked it. There was a actually storie that got to me. A pleasant read but still I wouldn't re-read it

4 Stars:
I reallllly liked it. There were just some thing that made me hold back from loving it. If I ever want to read something again those books are my options.

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