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DNF after 45%

This book has 14,189 ratings and the average rating is 4.26 Stars on GR! 4.26!!!! 

I don’t get it?? Am I weird for not liking it? Because I don’t think there was much to like. And I really tried :/
But maybe it’s just one of the books everyone loves but me =[


What I liked: 

► There were some funny parts^^ 

Sadly that’s also the only good point I have :/




What I didn't like: This is going to be longer o.o

►Annoying characters: Was there any sane person in this book?? 




God, that girl needs a realty check, TSTL!! 
The bad guys are after her. Does she care about the danger? No. Does she care about putting her friend in its way? No. -.-




Not to mention her “brilliant investigation skills”*insert sarcasm*. Which consider of driving somewhere and waiting for something to happen. She should have left this part to Lee or the police :/



But the thing about Indy that totally got on my nerves was her childish behavior. Indy is 30 and doesn't act like it. More like 13. So being stuck in here head was not a pleasant experience :D



 ►2) Ally: 

Most times I thought she was Indy Nr.2.

Crazy Indy + Crazy Ally=



It might have been nice if Ally would be less like Indy. Honestly I don’t know how those two were able to keep out of trouble for so long...


3) Lee: 

The only character I actually liked at the beginning. He reminds me a lot of Hawke from Mystery Man. 
The annoying thing about him was that we don’t know much about him. Yeah, he is a badass private investigator but if somebody asks about how he did something the answer is always: “He has his ways.”. I think this was meant to make him appear more mysterious but it actually just annoyed me. 





4) The Villain/Coxy:




What the hell is wrong with this guy??? Seriously needs to work on his image!*eye-rolling*

And one of his his mean “minion” was called Teddy.... way to kill the bad guy image XD

5) Rosie: First of all horrible name :D 

I like coffee. But is this reason enough for someone to go around and risk your life? Well, maybe yes. 





But it’s not about the coffee.(and all those coffee-god references started to get on my nerves) It’s about a guy that makes good coffee and which Indy doesn’t even really know.
I don’t know if he’s an important character or not. But he seems more like the explanation for the How-did-Indy-get-into-this-shit-question. 


It dragged and dragged and dragged... I didn’t have any interest in the story. 







So to sum it up: I didn’t care about the story nor did I like the characters. There are more things I didn't like but I think that's enough to explain why this book wasn't for me.