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May contain spoilers ;-)

What I liked:

The world-building:
It was pretty much like any other urban fantasy world with witches, shape shifter, vampires etc.
What I thought was interesting was the Other council

The Mothers:
I actually really liked their mothers. They seem pretty irresponsible but somehow I still like them :D

I found her more interesting than Stormy because of her ability to feel other peoples emotions. Also she was not just Storms cousin but also her best friend and together they were a little crazy. (the cute kind of crazy)

The wolf-shifters:
I really want to know more about them especially about the war that is (about to?) taking place. But I think this might be more relevant in the next book.

What I didn't like:

The names...
It was hard enough to get used to the names Stormy and Lightening but did their lawyer really need to be called Reason??

The Past:
Here I mean the one centuries ago. I didn't like the writing style for this part. The dialogs were bad! No one talked like we do now in the past.

The D/s theme:
I don't know why this was necessary. I have read enough books with this theme to know that this wasn't really one. Expect for telling Storm where to go and what to wear, there wasn't much of a D/s relationship between them. So it would have been better if this wasn't part of the book.

Omg, I wanted to slap her. How can someone be so stupid?!! I get that she didn't want to know about the Others but... really? She didn't know that Knox was a Shape-shifter nor that he was related to Ryker. There were soooo many clues about all that and she just didn't want to see that.
She was portrait as a intelligent girl but didn't behave like one. That Luke thing is proof enough!

Mixed feelings:

The Prologue:
This was a really strong start. We got to know a little bit about what happened centuries ago to Solistar the ancestor of the main characters. I really wanted to know what happened and to her and what roll this played in the actual story.
In the first chapter I could see similarities between the Past and the Present:
Stormy=Solistar; Knox=Tiber; Lightening=Chance; Kaydee=Bianca; Luke=forgot-his-name-guy

But as Storm's story begins there is no mention of Solistar because she doesn't want to have to do anything with the non-human part of her. So when Storm decides to learn something about her family curse it seems like this came out of nowhere. And then Tiber appears in her dream...idk if this was just me but it didn't feel right to me. There was just so little information about what happened in the past so that I didn't feel the actual connection between Knox-Stormy and Solistar-Tiber.

It was a lot like other Urban Fantasy worlds. Still I found it interesting because of the Other Council and especially the Credence Family.
But I have to say I'm disappointed with how much we learned about this world. We got next to none information on it -.-

The Curse:

”All of us are destined to be buried alive in a sea of loneliness and life devoid of love.”

Translation: Every man the Credence women fall in love with will die soon after.

So, I liked this part(muhahaha) but this aspect of the book was shoved into the background.
And I have a hard time believing that nobody ever suspected that there wasn't a curse at all -.-


To sum it up: I thought this book had a lot of potential but it was just too short. There were many questions that were left unanswered which was tiring after a while.

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