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Homecoming  - Cecilia Robert

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What I liked:

The secret:

Yeah.. I didn't guess that this was here reason to leave. It was great that it wasn't obvious.

The Past:

After coming face to face with her secret we get to know a lit bit more about what happened back then.
I loved that we get to know how things were for S. I was sad about how things played out for her but I don't think this was enough of a reason for her to leave her life behind. Still I get why she left.




The world:

Great! It's a mix of science fiction, steampunk and Pnr. We don't get to know too much about this world but I can say that this one is quite refreshing. (humans can control the elements and there are shape-shifted!)

What I didn't like:

pace if the story:

The beginning was really slow and than boom! End -.-
It was too slow in thwarting beginning and the ending was too rushed.


focus on lust:


the books:

The series is named after these book (Cloaked Devices) and Sera does collect them but we get next to none information about them. It would have been nice to now what this series is really about and why those books are so rare and dangerous.

Sera's new life:

We know that she is a fighter and owns a bookshop and that's it. I don't know how it is possible for her to leave the city where she has been living for 5 years. Just like this. :/

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