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“I love books, by the way, way more than movies. Movies tell you what to think. A good book lets you choose a few thoughts for yourself.”

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I totally love to read but am not much of a reviewer. I just like to discuss what I read with friend and am open to chat about them ;)

I don't give many stars easily so my average rating is always between 2,6 or something. How I rate them:

1 Star:

rIt was crap/boring/shames-the-paper-it-was-written-upon/totally weird/baaah!

2 Stars:
It was alright, sometimes it got boring but still managed to hold my intrest

3 Stars:
I liked it. There was a actually storie that got to me. A pleasant read but still I wouldn't re-read it

4 Stars:
I reallllly liked it. There were just some thing that made me hold back from loving it. If I ever want to read something again those books are my options.

5 Stars:
Totally and utterly love them!! Usually am mentally dating a fictional character afer finishing those books :P

Hmm.. what else can I say about myself?

I love to draw on the walls of my room![or drawing in general]
I love make up!
I love chocolade!
I love my hair! [I know sounds weird :P]
I love to listen to music!
I love just being lazy ;)
I'm a smilie person =D